Running is Fun-Home Meet Week

This week should be better than last, my body feels like it is recovered. I am glad I started this blog. It gives me another piece of motivation to continue to pursue running and getting better each week. I am glad that we have a home meet this week but Dan, our coach, is thinking about moving it to Thursday. Which is a bummer because I was hoping to see multiple friends and family here on Saturday. I love it when I have people that I am close to come and watch me run. I partly run for them. But since they are not coming I probably will run a faster time than normal. It always happened that way in high school. The meets that my parents were not in I would either win or run significant PR’s. So I hope you enjoy this weeks blog and thanks for coming along on this journey with me :)


3:30 PM- 2 Mile warm up 5xk, 4x200 3 Mile Cool down

Wow. What a workout to come back to at full strength again. Hardest workout of my life, also one of the most rewarding. I knew that coming off being sick this past week that the workout would be tough. But I did not know that it would come today with our normal workout days being on Tuesday. With all that being said I am ecstatic with how the workout went. I was in a group with Paul Zemba and we crushed our workout today. Our goal time for the 1000s was 3:12 and for the whole workout we were at or under that time. The third rep I went out way to fast and it made the 4th and 5th rep a lot harder. I have always had an issue with pacing. Especially this year with my times being faster and my ability getting better. The thing I need to remember is I am a distance runner and I don’t have to win the race in the first 400 meters. Thinking ahead to my race on Thursday I need to be the most controlled in the first 1000 meters. But today was a great sign that I did not lose much fitness and I will run a fast 5k on Thursday Night.


7:30 AM 3 in 24:00

3:12 PM 1 in 8:12

3:55 PM 8 in 59:09

Today I am starting to feel like my old running self again. I thought after the hard workout yesterday that I would wake up this morning being unbelievably sore. Thankfully that was not the case. This is a good sign because when healthy and in great fitness hard workouts tend to not have such a big impact on me, which is a good thing. The run today was nice and chill and was a good chance for me to get more miles on my legs. With the meet being on Thursday now I will most likely double Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday this week to get close to 70 miles. But I would be happy with 65. I am in a good place and can not wait for our easy run this afternoon. Running is fun, but sometimes I wonder why I do it on days like today. Reason being is it snowed hard on our run today. I know I will get better because of this run but in the moment it really does not feel the best. Will keep grinding, tomorrow is a Pre-Meet day and I am pumped.


7:30 AM 4 in 32:00

3:45 PM 6 in 45:55

Whew! This morning was chilly. The double today was lonely only Me, Caleb Wilson and MK were running at 7:30. Most likely because we have a meet tomorrow but it is okay. Run was definitely one of the coldest since winter finished. Even though it still feels very much like winter. But it was good to shake out the legs and get some more mileage on the feet. We are five weeks out from conference and I have to continue to build a base towards the 10k at conference so I can score points for the Rams! This afternoon was chill and slow. Did 4x100 strides that felt smooth and I am ready to run fast tomorrow!


6:45 PM 2 Mile Warm Up 5k Race @ 16:11 2 Mile Cool Down

Well, not what I wanted. Warm up felt good. Might have gone a touch to early, was standing around a bit longer than normal before the race. Do not know how much of an impact that had on my time, most likely very little to none, but nonetheless something to keep in mind moving forward. The race itself was a good result for me, a 16 second pr on the track which I am extremely proud of. But I did not get the goal of breaking 16. I have two more chances to do this and I think I will at the next meet I run the 5k. The race went out slow. From the start I thought we were running at a good clip then i heard the Wartburg coach yell 80 81 and my goal pace was 77s. So I knew I had to stay with that big group of Wartburg guys. And S/O to them they really helped me pull through 4k and helped me run very fast. I know I probably could have ran 16:05–16:08 but with 3 laps to go I just kind of fell off. I need to work on that moving forward if I want to be successful the remainder of this year as well as next year. Cooled down with some of the boys from Wartburg and it was cool to chat with them. So, happy but not satisfied with lots to work on. On to the next one.


3:55 8 Miles in 58:19

Today was nice and chilly. Took the first half really slow because calves were sore from the race yesterday. Second half of the run was good. I started to roll two miles out from campus so I just kept going at the clip that I was. I enjoy days like this when I start moving faster and it feels super comfortable. It is more fun to recover at a faster pace. Looking forward to 13 miles tomorrow! Reflecting on the race a bit more from yesterday, looking at my splits more closely today I noticed that the pace went up and down pretty frequently. That was most likely the result of the freshmen from Wartburg taking the point. But looking back on it when I felt comfortable yesterday I felt to comfortable. And that is a good sign for me in races to come. I am more of a grind it out kind of runner. I hit my paces early and often to run the race that I want to. The boys I went up against yesterday were sit and kick type of boys. They go slightly below pace and then run a fast last 400–600 meters to get their time. So I know that I can do this. I have to run my race and not worry about what is going on around me. I will break 16 minutes the next 5k I run. I will be in better shape than I was yesterday, I will be smarter than I was yesterday, and I will be more determined and show more grit than I did yesterday.


9:21 AM 13 in 1:28:10

Today was quick and it was my first real experience on RollerCoaster, and it did not disappoint. This route is so hilly, holy cow. But it gets you a lot stronger. Because it rolls up and down so much you don’t have to push the pace much to run fast. I was on my own group wise today because I wanted to run quick but not take everything out of my legs. Running by myself is always good for me. It gives me a chance to clear my head and think about my goals. Today was no different. Throughout most of the run I kept thinking about how good it is going to feel to break 16 minutes in two weeks. But all in all this week was good compared to last. I got two great quality days in on Monday and Thursday. I know that I am in a great place when it comes to Conference 10k and I am going to help our team do great in May. Will try to hit 70–75 miles next week and we will be a month away from conference and the taper will start.

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