Road To Nationals-Thinking about November

Well well well, this will be my second week of full running if all goes to plan. This week I am doing three, five miles runs, and three, six mile runs, (To anyone who has more writing skills than me feel free to let me know how horrible I wrote those words) and one rest day :) Next week I will do three 7 mile runs and three 8 mile runs (there is another approach) then I will meet with Coach about how we will move through the rest of the week. My foot is feeling better every day which is a great sign. I am ready to start racking up more miles and getting in way better shape in the coming weeks. I do have a couple goals for the early season that I would like to accomplish but it will take some work. Hope you enjoy this weeks blog.


8:04 P.M. 5 Miles in 34:51

Today was nice, I did the whole run on the roads which is a good sign. And I felt really chill throughout the run. I am starting to feel like myself again and I love that I can write that today!


6:09 P.M. 5 Miles in 35:10

Today was hilly and hot, I tried to do as many hills I could today. I love hills because they make me a lot stronger. I know when I get up to doing long runs again I will have to do roller coaster which will make me stronger still. I am really happy that I am hitting my stride and I can start building an aerobic base so I can help the team make it to nationals.

On my run today I was thinking about how much faster I run during my races. Granted those do mean much more, plus the is all the hype around those meets. But I do a really poor job at motivating myself to give my best effort on each easy run. I am improving which is good. But I need to keep finding ways to take joy in the easy run days like I do with workout days!


So before I run today I want to talk about a dope thing that I am going to do in ten days! I signed up to run the Heritage Days 5k in Mount Vernon. We will see how this goes. It is next Saturday so I have a bit of time to prepare. I will most likely treat it as a workout. But it will be a nice gage to see where I am at in my fitness and hopefully I break 18:00 minutes haha. It should be a lot of fun though. I know that this will help me keep motivation.

3:31 P.M. 1 Mile Warm Up

3 Cruise Miles @ 5:54 Average in HEAT

1 Mile Cool Down

This is a good sign, I did a workout today because of the fact that I will be doing a race next Saturday and wanted to get a good workout where I was moving a bit. Either Monday or Tuesday next week I will do something light to better prepare for the race specifcally. The work felt good. Didn’t look at my watch at all on the reps and they felt like a cruise mile effort. It is early so I’ll take sub 6:00 mile average for this time in the summer. Along with the fact that I have not gotten a run over 8 miles ran this year. Took another positive step forward today. So I will try to do the same thing tomorrow!



Thought after my first hard workout in a long time it would be wise to take today off. Also I am just crunched for time today and it made since for me to take my day off today. I’ll be back tomorrow though.

With my day off today I thought I would explain why I titled this week the way that I did. I am so excited for my last cross country season. But on the other hand I am sad to see it go. But the work that I am doing now in getting better will pay off in November when we run Regionals at Wartburg and place in the top two to make it automatically into Nationals. I have so much motivation with it being my last chance to do something awesome for the institution and team that has given so much to me. But I am not doing it from my own strength I am doing it from what God gives me. See y’all tomorrow and I hope you enjoyed that small blurb :)


7:55 P.M. 6 Miles in 43:06

Finally a day where I do not feel like I am running in an oven. Today was nice and cool and I felt like I could let it loose a bit at the end which I did. Legs felt heavy but loosened during the run. Pumped to recover then do it again tomorrow!


3:20 P.M. 6 Miles in 42:43

Today was a nice run. Did not look at my watch at all. It was pretty hot but nothing horrible. I WILL get up early before church tomorrow and run! But today felt really smooth and I am feeling like I am starting to gain some fitness! Probably will some short of short workout on Monday or Tuesday in preperation for the 5k on Saturday but nothing major. I want to see where I am fitness wise.

There comes a point in each run where my mind starts to wander. And it is not the best thing to do. I remember my first college coach Nick Ekel telling me that positive self talk is one of the more important things in running. I kind of just shrugged it off and took it for nothing. But the crazy thing is how right he was. Today about four miles into the run I started to lose my form and starting having negative thoughts. But I thought to myself, “Gabe these miles will be worth it in November, keep working.” And I kept saying that to myself the remainder of the run. And it helped a whole lot. So Ekel was so right in that and I wish I had listened to him sooner because I will be using positive self talk a lot more now on in the duration of my runs.


3:32 P.M. 6 Miles in 41:50

A sucessful run to a sucessful week, happy to keep grinding. Today I did not get up at 6:00 lol I ran after church so it was pretty toasty but it was smooth and I did some of it on the turf as well as the track. Foot is feeling better each day and I am hyped to run 45ish miles next week and RACE!

Overall it was a really good week. Wednesday was a really decent workout for the time of year it is as well as how hot it has been. Happy with 33 miles but not satisfied. Will be over 40 this next week and I will probably hover between 50 and 60 until the season starts to avoid injury. Looking forward to RACING next Saturday!

‘Till next time