Hope in Isolation

Gabe Esser
1 min readApr 2, 2020

To be alone.

How does this effect you?

I know what it does in me. I continue to sit and soak in the news that comes daily. There are not a lot of strongholds to run at in this time of chaos. The institutions that we would normally run to are closed. The ability to go out and grab coffee with a close friend is frowned upon. Much less the chance to sit in a lobby of a restaurant and eat a meal with your family.

What do we do when we continue to sit in this time of uncertainty? My hope is that I can write in a way that would be encouraging to you. The ability to cultivate goodness out of ourselves is something that is unattainable. We can ask questions in this unique season of life. And my hope is that the things that I would write would provoke you to examine your worldview and lean into something incredibly deep.